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Polička, a dowry town of Bohemian queens, is situated on the border between Bohemia and Moravia, at the edge of the Czech-Moravian Highlands. When looking for a place to rest while travelling through this part of the Czech Republic, you may be lured by the charming countryside full of flowery meadows, rocky hills and valleys threaded with streams, as so many artists have been. Here, hidden among the hills, lies the picturesque town of Polička.

Population: Population of Polička: 8 821 inhabitants  (last census: 1.1.2014)
Elevation above sea level:
The town is situated 555 metres (1816 ft.) above the sea level

The Czech Republic follows Central European Time (CET) (one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time). During Daylight Saving Time (late March – late September), the clocks are put forward one hour.



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