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The Centre of Bohuslav Martinů

The displays in the Centre are devoted to the history of Polička and its surroundings, to the glass-works in the ‘Horácko’ region, and to the life and work of composer Bohuslav Martinů. The class-room which Martinů attended as a child is also located here. Imagine yourself into the shoes of one of the town’s founders, or a member of its squad of sharpshooters; wear period costumes; discover the fragile and beautiful world of the colourful local glass products and soak up the atmosphere of the 20th century as reflected in Bohuslav Martinů´s music.
Address: Tylova 114, 572 01 Polička
Phone: 461 723 855

Ring of the town walls

1220 metres long, and strengthened by 19 semi-cylindrical bastions, the town walls are amongst the best-preserved fortification walls in central Europe. (You must be accompanied by a guide from the Bohuslav Martinů Centre to access the town walls Gallery.).
Address: Tylova 114, 572 01 Polička
Phone: 461 723 855

The birth room of Bohuslav Martinů

The room where Bohuslav Martinů was born and grew up, in the tower of St. Jacob´s church, has a wonderful panoramic view of the town of Polička.
Access possible with the Centre of Bohuslav Martinů Guide – phone: 461 723 855
Address: Tylova 114, 572 01 Polička
Phone: 461 723 855

The town Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located in the baroque Town Hall. The Town Hall is a jewel of baroque architecture and is included in the list of National Cultural Monuments. Visitors can go inside the original baroque chapel and spend time in the exhibition halls with their collection of art both old and new from the Polička region.
Address: Palacký square No. 2, 572 01 Polička
Phone: 461 722 214

Palacký square and historic centre

The 22m-high plague-commemoration column in the town square is one of the best examples of its kind in Bohemia. (It is also included in the list of National Cultural Monuments.) The carved Classicist gates and exquisitely ornamented doors that decorate many Polička houses are quite unique in Bohemia.

Svojanov Castle

This Gothic royal castle, located on the border between Bohemia and Moravia, was founded by King Přemysl Otakar II in the 13th century. After his death it was the scene of a romantic relationship between the widowed Queen Kunhuta and her second husband, Záviš of Falkenštejn. The castle was rebuilt in ‘Empire’ style in the 19th century. Since 1910 the castle has been owned by the town of Polička.
Inside the Castle
The castle palace’s stylish historic decorations give a taste of life during the second half of the 19th century. For the adventurous, there is a historic torture chamber located in the castle crypt. The 15th century House of Varlets is used for short-term exhibitions. In the castle area there is a rare Gothic garden: wonderful views of it are provided by points in the castle walls and the outlook tower.
Places of interest
Castle Svojanov is situated in the lovely neighbourhood of the river Křetinka. You can walk or cycle on many marked tourist and cycle paths in the area, swim at nearby Křetinka dam, or enjoy downhill ski runs during the Winter season. You can visit market town Svojanov with its authentic old buildings, and the Gothic church of St Mikuláš in the city of Starý Svojanov. Then there is the town of Polička with its fortification walls, baroque town hall, museum and gallery, and the birth place of Bohuslav Martinů. The originally Romanesque castle in Kunštát, later rebuilt into a Renaissance and Baroque Chateau, is one of the oldest seats of Moravian nobility. In Rudka, near Kunštát, there is a unique cave hewn in sandstone, with huge statues depicting the Blaník Knights.
Castle restaurant. Full-boarding, social gatherings, educational sessions designed according individual needs. Hall rentals, garden parties, outdoor celebrations. The castle lodging-house is situated in the entrance area. It boasts stylishly decorated rooms, charming old-fashioned fittings, and a hostel with a capacity of 20 beds.
Wedding ceremonies can be held in different parts of castle and its environs, and there are facilities for banqueting and accommodation
Castle Svojanov
569 73 Svojanov 1
Tel./fax: 461 744 124
Tel.: 461 744 105
Phone: 739 518 703, 603 810 085, 739 339 991
E-mail: hrad@svojanov.cz


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