Město Polička

6. The Misery

An alternative guide – in 2003, the Museum published a publication by the author team  Kašparová – Junek – Bromová: POLIČKA AND ITS SURROUNDINGS (An alternative guide for alternative pilgrims) – and hence the quote in the panel header. 

Destruction of the earth fortifications – while the main wall with bastions still stands today and is an unmissable landmark, other parts have disappeared. In front of the main wall was about 9m wide open grassy area (outer ward) bordered by a low outer enceinte parallel to the main wall. At the end of the 18th century, the town began to sell outer wards and small houses were built on them (18 in this street) – their façades stood on the site of the former outer enceinte. In front of it there was originally a moat up to 16m wide which was gradually filled in, in order to create a sufficiently wide street before the new houses. In 1899 – 1912, all the remains of the moats were conveyed into pipes and turned into sewers. Once there was a rampart in front of the moat (partially preserved in the park, here in the Misery Street it has completely disappeared except for a short section).    

The gates were demolished in the first half of the 19th century because their narrow passages obstructed traffic and the development of the town. In the ‘90s of the 20th century the former outer ward was changed into a grassy space, a hedge was planted in the former outer enceinte and the original moat was covered with a smooth gray-blue asphalt. In 2019, again because of traffic demands and the need for parking spaces, a new parking lot was set up which completely destroyed the green belt and the hedge delimiting the outer ward space and encroached on the area of ​​the former moat…      

The small copper coin on the panel is Austrian, from 1858: 5/10 of a kreutzer. 

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